We convey
a lot of meaning
through gestures.

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Palmcat develop
motion sensing technology
to recognize these gestures.
our gestures.

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Motion Sensing

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What is

motion sensing?

It's easier to apply and simpler to configure
conveniently applicable to any field
Motion sensing technology

Traditional motion recognition technology
It had to be installed sensor like a camera someware.
and needed a system to analyze the motion.
So It was difficult to apply to everyday IT environments.

So Palmcat is making wearable motion sensing technology
that can be applied easily
and conveniently in any IT environment

How to use


Using Device in varies field are
recognizing your gesture.

We press button to control device
or use mouse or spin lever

palmcat’s motion sensing technology can be possible by your gesture

palmcat motion sensing

small but Technology

Motion recognition technology to select and recognize only the necessary actions
Hardware design maximizes the benefits of wearable devices

Not all areas require accurate motion recognition.
So the PalmCat provides the motion recognition technology required by the application.
This technology allows users to use the same communication and control methods that they used

| Motion sensing

The hand tracks movement,
Fingers detect movement,
Efficient motion recognition.

By dividing the movement by size,
The movement of the hand, which is a large movement, is through motion tracking.
The small movement of the fingers the movement of the fingers, through the touch, pressure, etc.

| Gesture recognition

Motion analysis system.
You don't need a lot of resources.
Recognize gestures on one small device

Palmcats don’t need a lot of resources
or separate systems for gesture recognition.
The Palmcat’s “Gesture Recognition Algorithm”
identifies the action as a gesture
converts it into a command and forwards it.

This minimizes load on connected devices
and enables application without further development.

| Hardware

Five Fingers,
Sensing for a "weary device"
that actively utilizes five fingers

palmcat is designed
to take advantage of its wearable approach
to efficiently receive five-finger input
and not interfere with activity.

In the following IT environments,

the necessary controls in advance

the necessary controls in advance

Changes in IT Environment through AI, 5G and IoT
New interfaces required by this
And motion recognition technology

With infrastructure such as AI, 5G and IoT, the IT environment is about to be reinvented.
The interface environment that controls the new environment will evolve into an interface environment based on AR and VR, as shown in the picture.
palmcat are developing the best technology to control the next generation of interfaces,
and they are now creating motion recognition devices that can be applied in our lives.

palmcat helps various devices recognize our gestures,
just as they communicate through gestures between people through gestures.

In any IT environment,
develop motion recognition technology that can be applied.




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