CERTI | We became a venture company, PalmCat.

It became a venture company a year after it established the corporation.

We will move forward with more challenging and passionate efforts in line with the meaning of my words.

with the meaning of my words.

Let’s cheer up!


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Battery production for PERO is completed.

Battery production for PERO is finally completed.It is a battery for only PERO equipped with circuit and sensor for enhanced CE certification and battery protection.The yellow line is the proof. 🙂 A more secure PERO will be going to you soon.

[PERO News] Media paying attention to PERO!

There’s a lot of media paying attention to PERO! @o@ A few days ago, there were articles about PERO not only in the Japanese media but also in global multi-media platforms, Marshable and Markets Insider. Future Controller PERO! I will do my best to meet you soon.:-) Mashable 기사: https://nl.mashable.com/tech-1/2001/deze-kickstarter-haalt-het-maximale-uit-smart-devices 영상: https://mashable.com/video/wearable-replacing-computer-mouse/?utmmedium=onsite&utmsource=internal Markets Insider 기사:

[PERO News] Appearing Pero on YouTube!

PERO is mentioned in ‘장박사의 구매중독’ Youtube channel.This channel introduces various products and has 96.4K subscribers!Check it out with the link below!

[PERO News] CNET Japan

The global IT media CNET Japan wrote about PERO! I’m so proud that even Japan across the sea pay attention to PERO! Click on the URL for a closer look at the original article. https://japan.cnet.com/article/35157289/

PERO ad video!!

Finally, the Kickstarter promotional video has been completed! Thank you to all the actors and director Heo for completing the video well. See you at Kickstarter soon!