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#1 Development Note 5/13

#1 Development Note 5/13 (Connection the PERO to the SmartTV) easily,simply,in any circumstances,applicable PERO! This time, I went to the electronic store to connect the PERO to the smart TV. As I checked, Samsung only supports Bluetooth HIDs after 2019.(But, Not all LG’s smart TVs support the bluetooth HID yet :-[ )Eventually, I succeeded in

Don’t Worry!

“Pero” that touches my skin. Are you worride?Don’t worry.It uses Liquid Silicone Rubber, which is non-toxic.Liquid Silicone Rubber is safe for our body as it is also used in medical applications,baby products and cooking utensils.

Take Film D-1

Tomorrow, finally we take promotional video for Kickstarter. When I got the film planner, I feel some real.I’m both excited and nervous. 4B Film Director Heo, please do a great job.

User custom Program!

PERO’s User Custom Program (UCP) has been developed! With PERO’s UCP, you can replace keyboard-shortcuts with gestures. I look forward to the day when I register my own gestures in all applications.