Many people wanted to hear from us, but we are really sorry for the late update.

It’s been delayed because we are trying to get more specific and complete news.

  1. 1.Outside / Case & Package 

We proceeded up to the 4th round of silicon case assembly test.

Through this test, we improved the battery and touch panel affected by heat generated during assembly. We are planning to conduct the 5th test this week with the improvement.

(In fact, they were planning to update it after finishing this test.)

May this 5th assembly test be the last test!


The package design is here.

Don’t you think unboxing should be fun when you receive the product?

So it’s designed to open like a jewelry box.

Of course, we’ll have to look at the production cost afterwards.

With your support, we will work hard to make it.

  1. Insdie / Logic board & battery 

Logic board has begun production.

Some parts have already been purchased and are waiting for some parts from China.

Battery production is completed, and authentication will be coming soon.

The 5th assembly test is carried out with a newly built battery.

  1. Software 

UCP update server configured and finished testing.

Ready for quick UCP updates and quick deployment of supported applications.

(There’s no way of expressing this in photographs…).)

Pamcat’s mega-project ! Use gestures Pattern survey research started.

We started a survey of approximately 2000 users to understand usage patterns for a total of 50 applications, 25 applications for Windows and macOS separately.

Of course, we only target Koreans now, but when the company stabilizes, we will definitely target people around the world. Please cheer for me.

  1. ETC

We started international certification.

In Japan, where some batteries were not a problem, they were already in progress.

Electromagnetic and safety certifications in other countries that have been delayed due to batteries are now starting.

So that you don’t want to wait, we’ll update the newsletter and work harder on social media. Please cheer for me a lot.


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Are you well in the COVID-19 situation? Everyone, take care of your health. First, share the overall progress. Outside / Case & Package    The silicon case assembly test was carried out up to 5th and finished the assembly test well. The 5th assembly test has completed all verification of all case manufacturing. Once the