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Our effort to support applications!

Our effort to support applications! This is the research of Keyboard shortcuts. The research of 985 shortcuts for 25 applications had been done. Even separate shortcuts for Mac and PC! (Oh, My eyes!!) Today also, palmcat working hard for your convenience.

Partnership with Jellop for Kickstarter

Jellop contacted us that wanted to promote our PERO. Well, if you want. Hoot! Our PERO will be launching at Kickstarter soon. D-6 P.S. Jellop is a marketing company that has been ad more than 1,100 mega-hit kickstarts.

Makuake Ranking #4!

Makuake Ranking #4! We already know expectation of Pero in Japan, it’s getting more attention than we thought.

Makuake Campaign Start! And already achieved the goal?!

We started a campaign in Makuake, a crowdfunding in Japan.The Kickstarter campaign took four hours to achieve the goal, but it took only one hour and 50 minutes in Makuake. Although it’s half the target amount… ❛˓◞˂̵✧ Thank you for your support.

My hand becomes a controller!

My hand becomes a controller!The sentence is cool!PERO is featured on Hay News. LolThank you so much to reporter Subin for introducing PERO nicely.

The Kickstarter campaign ended successfully.

The Kickstarter campaign ended successfully. Thank you for your interest in our technology and products. We will do our best to deliver it at the appointed time. Thank you

Battery production for PERO is completed.

Battery production for PERO is finally completed.It is a battery for only PERO equipped with circuit and sensor for enhanced CE certification and battery protection.The yellow line is the proof. 🙂 A more secure PERO will be going to you soon.

[PERO News] Media paying attention to PERO!

There’s a lot of media paying attention to PERO! @o@ A few days ago, there were articles about PERO not only in the Japanese media but also in global multi-media platforms, Marshable and Markets Insider. Future Controller PERO! I will do my best to meet you soon.:-) Mashable 기사: 영상: Markets Insider 기사:

[PERO News] Appearing Pero on YouTube!

PERO is mentioned in ‘장박사의 구매중독’ Youtube channel.This channel introduces various products and has 96.4K subscribers!Check it out with the link below!

[PERO News] CNET Japan

The global IT media CNET Japan wrote about PERO! I’m so proud that even Japan across the sea pay attention to PERO! Click on the URL for a closer look at the original article.

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The improvement of product design complete!

The improvement of product design has been completed and mold production is going in. We are pleased to see functional improvements while maintaining our existing design. The iOS pero-fu app has also been produced. We are glad we can finish it within the time limit as we are getting ready one by one. Please wait


Are you well in the COVID-19 situation? Everyone, take care of your health. First, share the overall progress. Outside / Case & Package    The silicon case assembly test was carried out up to 5th and finished the assembly test well. The 5th assembly test has completed all verification of all case manufacturing. Once the

palmcat’s news letter #1

Many people wanted to hear from us, but we are really sorry for the late update. It’s been delayed because we are trying to get more specific and complete news. 1.Outside / Case & Package  We proceeded up to the 4th round of silicon case assembly test. Through this test, we improved the battery and