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Plastic molds are complete.

The mold of the relatively simple plastic parts has been completed. Thank you so much to the people in charge of ‘Ilwoo Precision’ who We are well prepared for the upcoming CES.

EVENT | Palmcat attended the 2019 Seoul Campus Town Festival. .

As part of the selected Sejong University Campus Town, He attended the 2019 Seoul Campus Town Festival at Chung-Ang University. I think I had a good time chatting with college students, not buyers. ^^ In particular, foreign students received a lot of attention. “We are also global items.” I could feel it. ^^

Im Sang-chul, director of the Korea Efficiency Association, visited

At the G Bali Startup Contest, I got to know Im sang-chul director. He visited our company. Thank you so much for communicating with our staff with your passionate energy.   Next year, we may discuss various projects and investments with the Efficiency Association.

EVENTS | palmcat in HONGKONG 2019 #3 GSME EXPO

We participated in the “Global Source Mobile Electronics Exhibition,” the last exhibition held in Hong Kong in 2019. It continued from Oct. 18-21. We attended the event through the Korea Electronics Industry Cooperative .and Fortunately, I was able to proceed smoothly because they even applied for an interpreter. Our translator, Gain, She speaks Chinese, Cantonese

EVENTS | Palmcat in HONGKONG 2019 #2 HKTDC participation in an exhibition

He participated in the HKTDC event, the second exhibition held in Hong Kong. The period runs from Oct. 13-16 and overlaps with the GSSL event for two days. So two people had to proceed   with the event. Thus there are not many pictures…   Actually,The event was held on a large scale at the

PRIZE | We won “the grand prize” award at the G-Valley Startup Contest.

  PalmCat won the grand prize and Soongsil University president at the G-Startup Startup Competition hosted by the Korea Industrial Complex Corp. We had a drone demonstration before the presentation. I think the judges gave a good evaluation of the demonstration. In particular, the head of the Korea Efficiency Association showed interest by saying, “I

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The improvement of product design complete!

The improvement of product design has been completed and mold production is going in. We are pleased to see functional improvements while maintaining our existing design. The iOS pero-fu app has also been produced. We are glad we can finish it within the time limit as we are getting ready one by one. Please wait


Are you well in the COVID-19 situation? Everyone, take care of your health. First, share the overall progress. Outside / Case & Package    The silicon case assembly test was carried out up to 5th and finished the assembly test well. The 5th assembly test has completed all verification of all case manufacturing. Once the

palmcat’s news letter #1

Many people wanted to hear from us, but we are really sorry for the late update. It’s been delayed because we are trying to get more specific and complete news. 1.Outside / Case & Package  We proceeded up to the 4th round of silicon case assembly test. Through this test, we improved the battery and