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#1 Development Note 5/13

#1 Development Note 5/13 (Connection the PERO to the SmartTV) easily,simply,in any circumstances,applicable PERO! This time, I went to the electronic store to connect the PERO to the smart TV. As I checked, Samsung only supports Bluetooth HIDs after 2019.(But, Not all LG’s smart TVs support the bluetooth HID yet :-[ )Eventually, I succeeded in

Don’t Worry!

“Pero” that touches my skin. Are you worride?Don’t worry.It uses Liquid Silicone Rubber, which is non-toxic.Liquid Silicone Rubber is safe for our body as it is also used in medical applications,baby products and cooking utensils.

Take Film D-1

Tomorrow, finally we take promotional video for Kickstarter. When I got the film planner, I feel some real.I’m both excited and nervous. 4B Film Director Heo, please do a great job.

User custom Program!

PERO’s User Custom Program (UCP) has been developed! With PERO’s UCP, you can replace keyboard-shortcuts with gestures. I look forward to the day when I register my own gestures in all applications.

Introducing PERO’s User Custom Program(UCP) function -The First Time!

PERO’s UCP ask several questions to analyze hand and gesture usage patterns to help you apply gestures easily. PERO is doing its best to make it easier for you to use without complicated instructions(Throw away the heavy instructions~). Are you curious about the next UCP functions of PERO? To Be Continue….. 🙂

Introducing PERO’s User Custom Program (UCP) function -Second Time!!

What does this gesture reminds you? In UCP, this question appears with the action. PERO identify the meaning of the gesture you use and provide the settings according to your gesture type. How?For this, we collaborate with a Full Service research company to study the meaning of gestures. We study you for your convenient use.Please

Second version of JIP

This time, a second version of JIP came out!The second version is very successful.😄So, what are the differences in appearance?

While look back the past…

While prepare the kickstarter’s landing pages, tears welled up a bit when I saw the silicons on the side of office. To find the most suitable external case for PERO, The memory of visiting Mayor Chun and the sewing factory, and the memories of shooting out silicon as I changed the design of silicon over

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The assembly jig is complete. feat LSR

Pero is a wearable product and uses comfortable silicon when wearing case material. It uses non-toxic liquid silicon LSR(Liquid silicone Rubber), which is also used for medical purposes, among silicon materials. Therefore, a great deal of effort is being made not only in motion recognition technology but also in appearance production.The assembly jig for assembling