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Computing | Advantage of "PERO" over mouse

Computing | Compare with MagicMouse

Drone |control DJI Tello

3D model | Fusion360

Robotics | control Robot arm

Game | Arcade old game

Game | PC RACING game

Computing | macOS

Toy | Android



EVENT | Participate in CES 2020

CES of my dreams CES where I wanted to go Palmcat participated in CES in 2020. A booth was held at Eureka Pavilion through KOTRA. Fortunately, in the lot, “Our Lottery King Yunsu!” In the KOTRA area, we received the best location booth. So we were able to hold the event at the optimal booth.

EVENT | Palmcat attended the 2019 Seoul Campus Town Festival. .

As part of the selected Sejong University Campus Town, He attended the 2019 Seoul Campus Town Festival at Chung-Ang University. I think I had a good time chatting with college students, not buyers. ^^ In particular, foreign students received a lot of attention. “We are also global items.” I could feel it. ^^

EVENTS | palmcat in HONGKONG 2019 #3 GSME EXPO

We participated in the “Global Source Mobile Electronics Exhibition,” the last exhibition held in Hong Kong in 2019. It continued from Oct. 18-21. We attended the event through the Korea Electronics Industry Cooperative .and Fortunately, I was able to proceed smoothly because they even applied for an interpreter. Our translator, Gain, She speaks Chinese, Cantonese