This is pero.

The most intuitive controller
to boost your work flow

Use your own gestures
to control your devices

Complete UI control

Introducing Pero, a wearable controller that makes your smart devices even smarter. Pero turns your simple hand motions into customizable shortcuts for your device. Now, you can control the cursor and input commands with this single device so that you can focus more on getting the job done.

behind the Magic

Compatible with Office suite
Your computer's best companion is not mouse or a trackpad
Enhance meetings & Presentations
Work desk-free with Pero, 
the wearable mouse that gets the job done in mid-air
Tailerd for Design Programs
Photoshop and 3D modeling was never this simple. Pero brings your ideas to life faster and easier.
Immersive Gaming
Pero lets your take actions 
in game with natural hand gestures. Leave the controllers behind.

Hardware behind the Magic

Gesture recognition

Straight, Circle, Rolling,
And even Combined.

The movement of the hand is captured by the IMU sensor located on the back and the movement is detected through gestures through Palmcat’s GR algorithm. The GR algorithm is a technique that can calculate each gesture in a lightweight chipset environment without the need for a separate analysis process or system by utilizing the advantages of the Palmcat hardware.

Finger recognition

Capacitive Multi Touch panel

Our fingers do a lot more than we give them credit for. Think of the diverse purpose that each finger serves. The subtle differences in a tap, press, and pinch. The array of meanings they convey. We took the admiration of our nifty fingers to heart by utilizing their full potential in Pero. Its highly sensitive touch sensor recognizes each individual fingertip and when they’re being pressed down.

Click recognition

Structure of Thumb part

The thumb button was designed to work like a mouse click. It’s placed right next to your thumb so all options to click, right-click, or drag are within finger reach.

UCP behind the Magic

pero UCP is User Support Software
So it helps you use gestures more efficiently through UCP.
It allows you to use it without having to memorize it, without changing it every time.

UCP fits you.

Analysis your Gesture & finger

UCP already know 
the application you use.

Detecting Active application

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